SELECT Overview

United FC Registration Fee:
Required within 48 hours of team posting to complete the registration.

Registration and club fees includes:

SC Youth Soccer Registristration Fees, Referee Fees, League Fees, 3 Training Sessions Per Week, Goal Keeping Training Sessions, Consistent Training Environments, Professionalized coaching.


Team Fee:

This team fee will cover roster fees, coach's travel expenses, tournament registrations, etc.

Team fee is due August 5th before the first training session of the season in order to make the registration payment for tournament.


Tournament Commitments:

NCFC College Showcase & Junior Showcase (Elite teams only), Gatlingburg Showcase, Riverside Summer Shootout, DSC Classic, St. Patrick's and more… (all depends on team, schedules, and levels of play)

Training Locations
Herdklotz Park, Monaghan Park, Westside Park, Piney Mt and other various locations based on the team.

Practice Schedule
Practices for U8-U15 are twice a week, typically at 5:30 or 6:30pm. Our two primary locations are Westide and Herdklotz Parks. Our volunteer coaches pick their times and locations from what is available, so we do not know when teams will practice until the rosters have been set and teams formed in the middle of August.

Game Schedule
10-12 games in NATIONAL LEAGUE

8-12 games in SCYSA (South Carolina Soccer League)

2-4 friendly matches per season

U13-U14 Player Contract

U15-U19 Player Contract

United FC Furman
2020-2021 Coaching Assignments

02B Elite Sam Greeley

02B Black Jared Nagelkirk

03B Elite John King

04B Elite César Flores & Steve Woodington

04B Black Nathan Gray

05B Elite Joe O'Neill

05B Black Bret Baker

06B Elite Chris Inman

07B Elite César Flores

07B Black TBD

08B Elite Bill Martin

08B Black Miles Maynard


02/03G Elite Kristin Rollins

03/04G Black Trey Harris

04G Elite Bill Martin & Kristin Rollins

05G Elite Joe O'Neill

05G Black Rick Morris

06G Elite Joe O'Neill

06G Black Rick Morris

07G Elite Branden Younginer

07G Black Rick Morris

08G Elite Joe O'Neill